​​                          How to Get Started

Contact us to access your care challenge and best assist you to determine your custom plan of care for you and   your family.​  Call Us: 318.626.5036 | Email:  www.eliteconciergecare.com to speak with an ECC Consultant.


    1. Complimentary Care Session:  Our Gift to You!
       Every client relationship begins with a Complimentary Care Session to review your challenges and needs.
​       A limited Assessment of basic contact information, circumstances, and background will be noted. 
       Upon the completion of your screening, you will have a thorough sense of how we can further assist you.
       We will offer you the opportunity to enroll in our services and become one of our family.  Professional                Consultations needed beyond the care session will be scheduled, and applicable fees will apply.  You may            call us​ at 318.626.5036 or submit your online request to speak with an Elite Concierge Care Consultant.

​        What to expect:  Professional assistance in clarifying your care needs and goals.
​        What you need:  List of any questions regarding your current care situation and care allowance.
​        When you partner with our team of  professionals at Elite Concierge Care, LLC we will complete:

​    2. Family Application and Service Agreement
​        You will now complete your Family Application and Service Agreement.  The following documents are   
        included for your​ review and signature.  Complete the enclosed documents and return to our office via 
        secured e-fax:​  318.626.5034 or send by postal mail to:  Elite Concierge Care, LLC  2535  Bert Kouns 
        Industrial Loop​  Suite 203-138   Shreveport, LA  71118
​         ​     ​      ​              
   3. ComprehensiveAssessment and Care Plan
        A complete on-site Comprehensive Assessment and Care Plan will be conducted .  An Assessment will  
​        allow the Care Manager to understand needs, and customize services specifically to meet a loved one's
        needs.  The Assessment may include, but is not limited to an overview of health history, nutritional
        status, everyday activities, safety issues, cognitive status, and finances.  Our team will guide you along 
        the way with coordination of care services, monitoring, follow-up of care and ongoing assistance as
        needed and requested.  Community Resource Referrals are included for review and to enhance the overall         care of your loved one.  Applicable fees for this service will apply at the time of scheduled appointment.
    4.  Professional Care Coordination and On-going Care Management
         We start implementing a plan for you as soon as you call us during the Complimentary Care Session.
         We will generally start providing services within a few days or on the specified date noted to the signed
         Service Agreement.  All necessary documents and deposits will be completed and processed to your file 
         prior to any services beginning.  All services are paid in full at the time of service or you may elect to
         have an automatic payment option.





Q:  What is a Care Manager?
A:  Care Managers are professionals with extensive experience who serve as consultants to elders and 
      their families with the specialized knowledge of the health care and long-term care systems.   
      Care Managers are hired by families or professionals to provide consultation, guidance and support.
​      We are not affiliated with hospitals or doctors.  Instead we work as private consultants for our families    
​      to serve as your single point of contact for clients and their families, helping to coordinate the entire  
      spectrum of their healthcare needs.   We work with Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Trust Offices,       Physicians, healthcare providers, Social Workers, Senior Living, Professional Associations and National           Society's. 

Q:  When do I need Care Management?
A:   You want to arrange care for a loved one living away from you.
​       Your loved one is unable to manage and requires assistance for daily living activities.
​       Your loved one wants to remain at home, but needs assistance.
​       You want an advocate to help you and your loved one navigate long-term care.

Q:  What are the benefits of having a Concierge?
A:   Having such assistance will help you save time, help you concentrate on your work and be more
       productive, reduce the stress and best of all- freedom to simply enjoy your life. ​ Think of our concierge
       as a "Second You", assisting the Adult Children of aging parents to find balance between work, family,
​       and personal commitments.

Q:   How are you different from other concierge providers?
A:    I was that wife, caregiver, mom who worked full time hours with various shifts, and needed to run my               household smoothly to ensure both personal and professional success.  I bring to the company greater                 than 18 years as a professional clinician and family caregiver.  Under the corporate umbrella I have had           the opportunity to implement many systems that improved the overall care to families while improving          upon state required compliance and cost saving measures.

Q:  What is included in our fees?
A:   The fee only reflects the charge of service rendered.  Any other charges that may incur will be billed                     directly to the client for payment.  We offer retainer packages for monthly concierge services.  All
​        charges are all-inclusive, including bonding and insurance.  No hidden fees.  There are additional
​        charges for items such as overtime, holidays and any travel cost.  We will thoroughly review our
​        Fee and Rate Structure during your comprehensive consultation.

Q:  How can I make a payment?
A:  Our Elite Packages are prepaid monthly.  You have the option to pay through our business office or
      send payment by personal check, Money Order, or Cashier's  Check.  Our services are provided on a      
      private-pay, fee-for-service basis.  Elite Concierge Care, LLC is an independent company and does 
      not receive any compensation from providers we may recommend to our families.   ​ 






​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                            Who We Are

Elite Concierge Care, LLC based in Shreveport, La. is a Professional Senior Concierge, independently owned and nurse operated. Our company specializes in providing services for lifestyle and care management with focus on expert sponsorship for long-distance caregivers.  Our unique services offer modern-approach solutions for the Adult Children of aging Parents, and individuals who need additional support to promote independence aging, and meet the demands of everyday life.


Our Mission: "To enrich the quality of life for older adults and their families by providing expert guidance, oversight, and advocacy.

​​Our Founders:  With greater than 19+ years of industry experience in Senior Care, we are natural advocates for our patients, friends, and family.  Our passion and empathy for serving seniors and an understanding of the challenges caregivers face in meeting their needs have intrinsically paved the way for our purpose in helping families and their aging loved ones. What could we do to make a difference?  We saw a need to provide support and exceptional services to seniors and the Adult Children when work, family commitments or living in a different city present challenges to maintain consistent support as needs change. We believe in empowering our clients and their family to make informed decisions about their care through information that is delivered in clear, understandable language and with knowledge of how the health care system works. Our professional backgrounds has allowed for diverse clinical experience settings. Meanwhile, serving in Managed Care positions in Long Term Care Facilities, we are well acquainted in the challenges that may accompany a person with limited abilities. With a heart of compassion, and the desire for everyone to experience optimal care while providing families with solutions to life's unexpected situations, was the inception of Elite Concierge Care, LLC.  

Our Values: The ​trustworthy experience, knowledge and dedication to health care can be an important asset to help meet your family's specific needs. We are committed to building trusting relationships on our company's foundation: Compassion

with a relentless spirit and enthusiasm, whose greatest desire is to serve. To our past and future families, we have and will continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our team with excellencein service.  In the memories and honor of our virtuous mothers:  Eula M. Prater Johnson and Lillian O. Williams, a legacy that continues through our services provided to you and your loved ones.


Our Name:              Elite (Excellence) * Concierge (Commitment) * Care (Compassion)

The Difference:    Our culture is to be a blessing.  We seek to bless our team members, our community, and our families. 

We want to personally thank you for visiting with us, should you have any questions about our services please call  our office. Let our team of professionals explain further how we can assist you with your individual needs. We are dedicated to Excellence by fulfilling expectations and creating innovative solutions through continued professional development.  Everyday we look forward to the challenges and rewards of assisting seniors more than ever. Our family awaits the opportunity to exhibit the same respect and unwavering customer service while providing the care you deserve!  This is who we are!

Warmest Regards,

The Elite Concierge Care Family


Licensed. Bonded. Insured

Call Us Today:    318.626.5036

Mon. - Fri. 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. CST

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​Remembrance Sponsorship​

Elite Concierge Care, LLC holds a special place in our hearts for our families we serve and their deserving loved ones. The Great Generation who carried this country through major wars, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and into the the 21st century.  We feel this population, particularly the elders, should have red carpet treatment and would benefit from our Assessment and Evaluation to start the care management process and navigate our families in the right direction.

Contributions have been used to assist our elders transitional care from long-term stays in nursing facilities and return back into the community. For the long-distance family caregiver, with local loved ones... we are here for you!   Our staff will support and assist you in coping with the emotional challenges associated with the distance between the two, while using technology to be certain you are included in every aspect of your loved one's care.  

If you would like to pay tribute to our elders, consider donating to this program.  Please be sure to specify the frequency of your contribution such as Once, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.  You will receive a letter acknowledging how your donation contributed to an elder, who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to receive the needed services and benefits of our caring concierge family.  Of course we will not disclose any information which identifies the individual, but you will understand the type of services provided on behalf of your loved one.  

Elite Concierge Care staff will provide service hours, at no charge to the family in addition to your generous donation. Your contribution in any amount makes a beautiful difference!  

PLEASE NOTE:  All donations are love gifts from the heart and may not be used for tax purposes.