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We do not provide any medical or hands-on personal care.  

We do not take the place of your medical providers.

We do not diagnose. 

We do not tell you what to do.

We do not make decisions for you.

We do not provide legal advice.

We do not get involved in litigation.

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                                             Holiday Schedule

    Our Business Office will observe the following holidays.  We will schedule your visits accordingly

   to accommodate your care needs.  Premium Rates will apply and are unavoidable for the following

   days of service to accommodate for staff compensation.  


   Our service areas include Shreveport|Bossier City Area and neighboring cities in Louisiana.  

​   Exceptions to these geographic service areas are possible and we welcome your inquiry.


       New Year's Eve                                                                                               Memorial Day                                                        New Year's Day/Day After                                                                           Mother's Day

       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. Day                                                              Father's Day                                                            President's Day                                                                                              Independence Day

       Good Friday                                                                                                    Labor Day

       Easter Sunday                                                                                                Columbus Day

       Thanksgiving Day/Day After                                                                      Christmas Eve/Day/Day After








                                                                                                          Concierge Services    
​                        Most families whether local or long-distance, when faced with challenging care issues, do not know where or who to turn
                        to for the best information possible.  There are so many decisions that you, your family, and your parent need to make, it's
                        hard to know where to start.  Fortunately, you're not alone.  During our complimentary care session, we will determine
                        which of these services you need, and if there are other needs you have that we can fulfill.  In-Office Consultations available.
                        Our goal is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families by providing guidance, oversight, and advocacy.
                        Caring for an older loved one can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining if you don't have the needed support
                        services. We have the knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of community resources.

​                        The benefits:  Less time away from work *  No longer have to "manage" your loved ones' care *  A plan going forward *
​                        Fewer emergencies * Fewer hospitalizations *  Regular Status communication *  Improved relationships within family *
                   Reduced Stress *  Decision making and problem -solving  * Less isolation * Increased Safety * Peace of Mind - Priceless!


                                                                               Elite Wellness Program
                It's never too early to start building the infrastructure to aging well-one that maintains independence and gives you and your
                loved ones Peace of Mind.  Through Elite Concierge Care's Wellness Plan, our Care Managers assist the Adult Children of the
                older adults to create a safety net and support system centered on proactive planning and preventive measures.  Many older
                adults have a limited support network or do not want to burden family and friends with their care.  Some families may not 
                presently need routine care and assistance, but want the assurance that we'll be available the same day, within reason for
                urgent matters.  Alternatively, our Elite Wellness Plan may be the perfect level of support for those just starting out on their
                journey to aging well.  Our families can take control of their future and know they will have an expert Care Manager at their
                side in the event of a change in health status.  Enroll Today!  Have your care team with a plan in place, "just in case"!  
                                                      Elite Wellness Program may include, but are not limited to the following essential services:

  • Complimentary Care Session                                 Comprehensive Assessment| Plan                             Care Consultation|Recommendations
  • Dedicated Care Manager Assistant                       Care Manager On-Call Availability                            Local & Long-Distance Care Solution​  
  • Scheduled Telephone Assurance                           Medical Appointment Scheduling                              Calendar Management|Date Reminders                            
  • Evaluation of Care Needs                                        Referrals & Community Resources                            Family Status | Email Correspondences



                                                        Concierge Companion Care 
             Are you worried about the well-being of your loved one while you are away for the day?  Maybe you don't need daily in-home
                senior care but want to know they are safe and healthy.  Elite Concierge Care offers "check-in" visits to ensure that your loved
                one is okay and that everything is as it should be.  Upon discovery of a problem, we will notify you and assist you in resolving
                the issue.   Living at a distance from a loved one who needs home care can be challenging, so let our family check-in on yours
                and we will become "like one of the family".  Elite Concierge Care offers a highly personalized, one-on-one elder boutique care
                for our families that contributes to the wellbeing of aging adults.  Flexible in-home care solutions are available to assist you
                with planning and coordinating your services, maximizing your assets, and ensuring your services are meeting your needs. 
​                                                Concierge Companion Care may include, but are not limited to the following premium services: 
                  Overnight Companion Stays 10 - hr. Minimum:  Hospitals, Assisted or Senior Living Communities, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation Facilities
                     Daytime Companion Visits 1 - hr. Minimum: Private Home, Assisted or Senior Living Communities, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation Facilities                                                  

  • Complimentary Care Session                                 In-Home Care Needs Assessment| Plan                  Care Consultation|Recommendations         
  • Dedicated Concierge Companion                          Well-being Check-In| Home Visits                           Scheduled Telephone Assurance Calls            
  • Social Interaction|Emotional Support                 Life Enrichment Activities|Games|Crafts               Accompanied Ambulation| Stand-by
  • Meal| Snack Planning and Preparation                Medication Reminders|Safety Observation          Hygiene Assistance| Stand-by                                                                 
  • Ensure Bedside Comfort|Advocacy                       Notify Facility Staff for Assistance                           Family Status| Email Correspondences

                                                    Concierge Companion Care +Plus may include the above with the  following premium services:           


  • Daytime Companion Extended Visits                  Light Housekeeping|Chore Services                          Errand Services|Drop-Off & Pick-Up                                                                                                                                                                      








                                        Professional Healthcare Coordination and Advocacy


                Doctor Visit?  Trips to the doctor are an important part of senior care, but can leave you feeling lonely, frustrated and confused.

                  Why do you need a Professional Healthcare Advocate?  Knowing the answers to medical questions means better care for you.

                  Our Care Managers will be prepared for your appointment to provide the physician with important information about concerns,

                  and changes which could affect care, treatment or results. 


                  The Benefit: Better Care and quality communication while reducing your stress levels.  With caring and compassionate support,

                  we can provide you with the needed information and Peace of Mind you need to make sound decisions.  Our service allow for less

                  stress and confusion for our families, and result in better outcomes for the health of your loved one. Our Professional Healthcare

                  Coordination services are billed at a professional rate; monthly packages are available.



​                                                Healthcare Coordination may include, but are not limited to the following premium services:                                          



  •  Complimentary Care Session                              Comprehensive Assessment|Plan                             Care Consultation|Recommendations 
  •  Dedicated Nurse Care Manager                                  Schedule and Confirm Appointment                        Schedule Transportation Services 
  •  Accompany Provider Appointments                          Accompany Out-Patient Procedures                         Accompany Follow-Up Appointments
  •  Discharge to Home Transitions                                  Clarify Questions or Family Concerns                      Confirm Understanding & Support
  •  Review Provider Care Instructions                             Review Medications & Instructions                          Family Status| Email Correspondences




                                                   Professional Care Management and Consulting

                      Are you a caregiver, the decision maker, feeling overwhelmed, isolated and emotionally drained?  Do you need someone
                     with healthcare experience to answer your questions, plan and assist your loved one's care now and in the future?  By
                     asking a few specific questions, we will define your most immediate needs and assist in finding resources within your
                     community that can help.  We will provide you with guidance to navigate and understand how long-term and healthcare
                     services for your loved one are accessed. 
                    Professional Care Management will provide the ongoing tools you need to be empowered, yet designed to ensure the
​                    optimum care for your loved one with the reduction of worry, uncertainty, and stress for everyone involved.  Your Care 
                    Manager will become your "coach" an objective listener, a committed partner, and provide the knowledge you need to 
                    become the leader of your loved one's care.   Elite Concierge Care will create a personalized plan of care that will meet your 
                    needs, as our team of professionals provide you with assistance to schedule, arrange and provide oversight of the services
                    needed to maintain your health and well-being.  Our list of referrals will include, but are not limited to the following:
                    Direct Hire Companion Sitters, licensed massage therapists, elder care attorneys, home maintenance and repairs are
                    just a few.  Our professional care management and referral services are billed at a professional rate.
                       ​                     ​                                                                                                                             
                             Professional Care Management and Consulting may include, but are not limited to the following premium services: 

  • Complimentary Care Session                                       Comprehensive Assessment|Plan                                 Care Consultation|Recommendations
  • Dedicated Nurse Care Manager                                   Family Caregiver Coaching|Consultations                 A La Carte & Long-Term Care Planning  
  • Listen and Discuss Care Challenges                            Identify Care Goals|Proactive Solutions                     Collaborate with Care Team|Providers
  • Guidance|Healthcare Navigation                                Home Safety Assessment|Evaluation                           Screen|Tour|Relocate Senior Living Options 
  • Applications|Paperwork Assistance                            Insurance Benefits and Analysis                                   Facilitate Elder Care Mediation​​                       
  • Facilitate Care Transitions|Conferences                    Quality Assurance|On-Going Monitoring                   Local|Long-distance Liaison to Families           
  • Family Education & Emotional Support                    Referrals & Community Resources                               Family Status |Email Correspondences                                                                                                                                                                                          







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